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Notation regarding Specified Commercial Transactions Law


About selling price

The selling price will be the displayed amount (display price / consumption tax included). In addition, a separate shipping fee may be charged. For shipping charges, see the product details page

please confirm.


Payment time and method of price (compensation)

Payment method Credit card payment is available.
Payment time Payment will be confirmed when the product is ordered.


Special provisions for returns

If the item is new, we will not accept returns unless the item is defective. In the case of brocant products, we will not accept returns under any circumstances.


Delivery time of services or goods

We will ship within 7 days of receiving your delivery request.



Business name: Hosoyamada Design Office Letter Press Department
Representative Director: Mitsunobu Hosoyamada



Hosoyamada Design Office Letter Press Department

Address: 2-20-19 Kamitomigaya, Shibuya-ku

Business hours: 9:00 to 17:00

Contact: 03-6416-8171

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