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Available  Dates& Times
 4,400yen(in tax)/ 1H
Please refer to the calendar

This is a one-hour program with one-on-one lessons with a trainer. You may use one machine during the lesson. If you wish to continue printing after the lesson, please make a reservation for machine rental in addition.

This program is recommended if :

・You are not confident in printing with a proofing machine on your own.

・You want to review how to use the machine again.

・You need advice on how to use a proofing machine


If you have no experience printing with a proof machine, please attend the “Letterpress Poster Production” workshop first.”

 letterpress Letters STUDIO 
2-20-19 Tomigaya Shibuya TOKYO
1group (max 2persons)

Cancellation policy.


If you wish to cancel or miss a workshop once you have signed up, please contact us as soon as possible.



Cancellation of classes

If we have no choice but to cancel the course due to bad weather, trainer's reasons, etc, we will contact you by email or telephone

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